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AGORA – All You Need To Know

AGORA – All you need to know

It is now two years since the B. E. M. in Belgium launched a process of reflection on its raison d’être and its strategy. This was a stimulating process that brought us to our current transition into VIANOVA – with our identity, vision and strategy renewed.

In this ever-changing world, it seems indispensable that we maintain this energy of reflection. We need to do this in order to continue translating the unchangeable truth of the Gospel into a strategy relevant to our context. So VIANOVA is opening a new department of ‘Research and Development’ that will stimulate continuous reflection, develop appropriate resources and train leaders. AGORA will be launched by a symposium bringing together a hundred or so participants from different western contexts (innovative leaders, authors, church pioneers, theologians, artists, …) for three days this November:


Because our 100 years of heritage in evangelism and church planting does not mean the end of the story but the beginning of a new adventure.
The AGORA symposium is accessible only by personal invitation, but will offer two special evenings in collaboration with the Faculty of Evangelical Theology in Heverlee, open to all:

  • Wednesday 13th November -19:30 pm – ‘Integrated mission’
  • Thursday 14th November – 19:30 pm – ‘Gospel communities involved in their neighbourhoods’
    Venue: The ‘La Foresta’ Conference Centre (Prosperdreef 9, 3054 Vaalbeek)
    These evenings will begin with a short theological introduction given by the faculty’s professors, followed by the comments from a panel of practitioners and an open question and answer session.


The new AGORA department will occupy one floor of the new VIANOVA headquarters (Romboutsstraat 7, in Zaventem), with an area for training, resources (with a specialised library) and reflection.

The first training session to be offered is:
“VIANOVA, a new way for the Church of today” (with Eric Zander) The biblical and cultural basis for re-imagining the church and its place in the world with suggestions for practical application.

Saturday 19th October, 23rd November, and 14th December
• from 9 am to 12:30 pm in French
• from 1:30 pm- 5 pm in English/Dutch

Further information and registration at