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The Bible-Expo is an interactive exhibition developed by the Belgian Evangelical Mission. It invites visitors to explore the book that has revolutionised the world – the Bible [...]

What they said

“I liked the way the theme of the exhibition was developed – from the origins of writing to the introduction of the printing press and the replica of the Gutenberg Press itself. I particularly liked the story of the little shepherd who discovered the Dead Sea scrolls. The film is a great résumé and also enables you to ‘take a break’ during your visit. [...]

I pray for them!

[by Wilfried Goossens] “I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those You have given me, for they are Yours.” - John 17 v.9

Wegwijzer reinvented

For some time now the magazine has been caught in a downward spiral. The board that has overall responsibility for Wegwijzer is now looking to expand this periodical into a more comprehensive project of evangelisation focussing on the internet. “We want the articles to so touch the readers that they will be motivated to consult the Wegwijzer website. “explains Wilfried Goossens, director of the BEM in Belgium. Visitors to the website will find, not only an electronic version of the magazine, but also teachings and opportunities for dialogue [...]

New editors for the Wegwijzer

Kristel de Leenheer studied Family Sciences at the HUB and is no newcomer to the world of journalism. She gained valuable experience with the ERTS (Evangelical Radio and Television) and with the Kruisbanier, a quality periodical now sadly discontinued. Kristel is a real asset to the Wegwijzer editorial team; with her creativity and fresh ideas the Wegwijzer is on the way to becoming brand new and up to date [...]

Teetering on the brink

It may be that the BEM Info that you have in your hands appears to be a repeat of the previous issue. If you are one of our regular readers…

The beginnings of HGB

In our last issue, you read that this year, Het Goede Boek (The Good Book), the Flemish branch of the BEM bookshops, would be celebrating its 40th birthday. We want…