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Edith Column – March 2020

And Do Good

Thirty years ago, my first husband and I, fresh from the Bible Institute, headed for Belgium in order to plant a church. Nearly five years later, my husband passed away from a brain tumor. While I kept repeating this question, “Why Lord? What do I do now?”, God spoke to me by Psalm 37:3, “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.”

And I remained at Eupen as a missionary. Three years later, I met a man who today is my husband. In 2001, we moved to Flanders in order to work with BEM/VIANOVA. Psalm 37:3 not only answered my question, it equally put me in God’s training program and gave me a direction for my life.


  • “Trust in the Lord.” Even in the moments where I wasn’t always understanding, God never abandoned me. In His faithfulness, He gave me an extraordinary husband and two beautiful children. Each time we moved to a new part of Belgium it was a new challenge for me: was I going to do well with the language? were we going to find a house? were the children going to handle the changes? God remained faithful. It is worth keeping hold of Him.
  • You also, stay faithful! To God, of course, but also to the call of God, which He has given you. The things that God called me too often happened unperceived. But if we are faithful in the little things, He establishes big things for us. As such, I have participated in the birth of a church at Eupen, and in the growth of various existing Christian communities.
  • At times, we wait for a particular calling. I have learned, though, that what God waits for from me is fairly simple: do good. Easier said than done. But once I open my eyes wide, God shows me where people are that need my help, a listening ear or a caring word. Once we had settled into our home in Heusden-Zolder, God clearly asked us to pray for the city and to look for the good we could do. I reflected on the way that I could obey Him, and I landed in front of a table, sorting out clothes. While several of us work away at our tasks, a discussion about faith takes place. In this way, I do good all the while talking about Jesus.