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EDITORIAL – Peculiar Times

EDITORIAL – Peculiar Times

Kurt Maeyens, Director for the Human Resources

Who could ever have imagined such a thing? That you can only go outside for the most urgent necessities, such as going to the doctor or food shopping. That brothers and sisters can no longer get together physically, and that all our contact with friends and family takes place via WhatsApp, Messenger, Zoom and other digital platforms. These are strange times. However, amidst all these changes, there is one constant. God is faithful. He does not change (1). He builds His kingdom!

Even though we are confined to our homes, God’s testimony continues. God has given us wonderful opportunities to spread His light. For example, as a family, we were able to let our neighbours know that we stand ready to go shopping for them or listen to their story over the phone. We were able to build solidarity by clapping together for the healthcare providers. We were able to put a comic book about Jesus through the letterbox for a neighbour boy on his birthday.

Our children also could see that God’s testimony is not tied to a place or time (2). Our daughter recorded a dance for Easter and shared the video with her dance teacher, who enjoyed the clip. Our son, who plays the guitar during our digital church services, shared the service with his guitar teacher. A nice conversation started with an unbelieving friend via WhatsApp.

Wonderful initiatives are also emerging within VIANOVA. As missionaries, we meet every Friday at 4:00 pm for a cup of coffee or tea and chat via Zoom. During this time, we encourage each other around a particular theme and prayer topics are shared. On Monday there is a Zoom prayer time. And these things are happening in our church communities too. Some start the day together with digital prayer. In other communities the bond becomes stronger in the 3D (discipleship) groups. Different live services are set up involving many people, each one serving the community (3).

These are strange times. Everyone has to stay indoors. But God continues with His plan for the world (4). He builds His kingdom and wants to use us! What an amazing God we are privileged to know and serve!

(1) James 1:17
(2) Matt. 5:13-16
(3) 1 Cor. 14:26
(4) 1 Chron. 29:11