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EDITORIAL – Radical Obedience

Jan Wisse, Director for Ministries

Making a disciple in the world – how do you do that? Is it a necessity? Can’t we just make disciples or can’t we just teach Christians how they can best survive in the world?
Well, a disciple who is not in the world is like a grounded balloon. A Christian whom we only teach how to survive in the world, but from whom we withhold discipleship, is like a body without a skeleton.

The two must go hand in hand. When Jesus gave the command to make disciples, it went hand in hand with learning to obey all that He had commanded. How do you help others obey God’s commands? When did you last read your Bible this way? Everything that Jesus has commanded – why should I apply this…or not? What does that look like today? I’ll give a few examples:
Jesus sent out His disciples two by two – why do I hardly ever do this? How do I deny myself? How do I take up my cross daily? How can I be a servant? How do I invite the poor to a party – how do I bring them to my house? How do I love my neighbor as myself? Love my enemy? Am I really doing this in practice? What exactly does that look like?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could stand together and help each other to obey Jesus’ commandments? What if we could encourage each other to do this in the world and thus be like salt and light to our world?! I think this is what the Bible asks of us, what Jesus asks of us. It is a challenge to obey Him in this and to consider why we sometimes do not do it.
What would it cost to obey Him in all areas of your life, and what would be the result if we all did this? In my opinion, a changed church!