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EDITORIAL – Tie together what God gives!

Peter Hartman, Director for Administration

As a child I grew up among the flowers. My father had a rose nursery with different varieties, colours and sizes. There were always flowers in our home. Later, as a teenager, I did holiday work at a flower wholesaler. There I came into contact with hundreds of varieties of flowers, and bouquets from different varieties of flowers were assembled.

At one of the seminars during the AGORA100 symposium last November in Leuven, we were asked to draw a picture of our thoughts on the word “community”; I drew a large bouquet of flowers in a vase.
Every person is like a beautiful flower; there are so many different varieties, sizes and colours. But if you don’t put a flower in water, it doesn’t bloom but withers very quickly. Jesus is the source of living water and He calls us to come and drink from Him (John 7:37, 38). If you become a disciple of Jesus, you receive the living water from Him freely (Rev. 22:17). You receive, as it were, a place in His vase of water.

One flower in a vase does bloom, but it does not form a beautiful bouquet. Moreover, the flower is starkly alone. God wants nothing more than that many different flowers together form a beautiful bouquet. Together the flowers show something of God’s beautiful creation and radiate His love. A community of disciples of Jesus Christ makes an aspect of God visible to the world.

That is what we want to do as VIANOVA: bring disciples of Jesus Christ together in community like a florist combines different flowers into a bouquet. God provides all the materials: the vase, the flowers and the water. We want to make sure that the bouquet is always in sufficient water, always connected to the source of living water, so that it can constantly absorb water and blossom.