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Het Goede Boek And Le Bon Livre Become VIANOVA Store

Het Goede Boek and Le Bon Livre become VIANOVA Store

About a year ago, the Belgian Evangelical Mission (BEM) came out with a new name and a new vision. VIANOVA was launched on May 11, 2019. It was an eventful year in which the BEM / VIANOVA celebrated its 100th anniversary and also moved its headquarters from Schaerbeek to Zaventem. We also considered whether our literature ministry still fit within the new vision, and what adjustments should be made so that our stores could continue to operate as part of VIANOVA. One of the changes is a merger between Het Goede Boek & Le Bon Livre. Together they’ve become VIANOVA Store!

The VIANOVA Store has a new vision that dovetails with the vision of VIANOVA. VIANOVA Store wants to create places in the country where Christians from all over the country can meet and encourage one another and can develop as disciples of Jesus. Of course there will still be books and other materials for sale. VIANOVA store will also go to places where Christians gather in order to offer materials, and to strengthen relationships with existing churches and organizations. VIANOVA Store wants to serve all churches and believers with the main goal of promoting unity among Christians. If you are organizing an event, do not hesitate to invite us!

What will happen to the current stores?
A lot will change in the short term for the physical stores. For example, we are looking for a building in the Brussels region, in which Le Bon Livre Brussels and Het Goede Boek Leuven will be merged into a multilingual VIANOVA Store. This VIANOVA Store will become the central store where live music, workshops and other events will sometimes take place. The central store should become a place where families like to be. A new webshop and distribution centre will be run from here. For this we are looking for a property that is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car.

In addition to our central store, we also want regional expressions that share the same vision. We currently have regional stores in Liège, Kortrijk and Genk. Since May 18, these are temporarily open two to three days a week so that we can focus on the move and the start-up of the new central store and webshop. Every current worker of the literature ministry is part of the new central team. We could use many extra co-workers to achieve this vision. If you are interested, please contact us!

A number of things are not yet completely clear, but we’ll keep you updated.

On what days are the VIANOVA Stores currently open?
Genk & Liège: Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday
Kortrijk & Brussels (at the old address): Thursday, Friday and Saturday
For the time being, you can still contact the stores via the old email addresses to place an order. Of course you can also still order via

How can you help?
• Pray for God to open doors to turn our vision into reality.
• Pray that we can find suitable premises for our central store.
• Pray for volunteers and team members.
• Help us find a suitable property!
• Become a volunteer or team member of the VIANOVA Store!

Do you have any questions?
Send us a message to [email protected].