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Romboutsstraat  7
1932 Zaventem

Saturday 25th March 2023
09:00-12:00 | 13:00-16:00

In French
40 per person or couple

Mental Health: Journeying As A Friend

with Pascale Van Uffel


If we are not struggling with our mental health ourselves, we all know someone close to us or a friend who is. Mental health is so vast, complex and diverse.  It is subject to so much awkwardness, inappropriate words and hidden suffering. We are often feel helpless in the face of these illnesses, we do not know how to accompany and be a disciple of Jesus to those who suffer mentally and emotionally.


Pascale Van Uffel is a psychologist who will help us to understand the different pathologies and their implications (professional follow-up, whether to take medication or not, etc.). We will also look at ways to accompany these people as a family member, a friend, a manager or a member of the same community. We will discover attitudes to adopt or to avoid as well as tools which can help us journey together.

P Van Uffel.jpg

Pascale Van Uffel

  • Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in systemic therapy (family therapy and couples therapy). 

  • Co-founder, President and Coordinator of La Houlette-PSY (Belgian association of psychologists working within a Christian perspective).

  • Tutor in Christian counselling and hospital chaplaincy. 

  • Tutor for the Association des Conseillers en Relation d'Aide Chrétienne Wallonie-Bruxelles, Mission Vie et Famille (France) and trainee hospital and closed institution chaplains. 

  • Author of the book "Vivre la foi, Osez la confiance". 

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