Romboutsstraat  7
1932 Zaventem

Saturday 15/04/22
09:00-12:00 | 13:00-16:00

In Dutch
40 /person or couple

Mental health, journeying as a friend

with Fokkeline Maeyens


If we are not struggling with our mental health ourselves, we all know someone close to us or a friend who is. Mental health is so vast, complex and diverse.  It is subject to so much awkwardness, inappropriate words and hidden suffering. We are often feel helpless against these illnesses, we do not know how to accompany and be a disciple of Jesus for those who suffer mentally and emotionally.


Fokkeline Maeyens, counselor at Christian Assistance Practice and affiliated with the Centre for Pastoral Counseling (CPC), wil take the time to go through the different pathologies and their implications (professional follow-up, medication or not, etc.). We will then reflect on a pastoral model that reinforces 'looking out for each other' and discuss questions such as: Who are you as a spiritual caregiver? How can you shape your biblical counseling? When can we ourselves journey with this person? When should we refer to a health care professional ?

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Fokkeline Maeyens

  • Married to Kurt, mother of 4, grand-mother of 3

  • Studied at the Belgian Bible Institute (now ETF Leuven)

  • (BEM) VIANOVA-worker since 1998 ; 10 years as pastoral couple within the Evangelical Church in Hamme

  • 2006-2015: helped launching the worldwide network "Mothers in Prayer" in Belgium and supervised prayer groups and group leaders

  • 2011: pastoral care within the BEM (now VIANOVA)

  • 3-year training in pastoral care (Centrum voor Pastorale Counseling, Belgium)

  • People Care course, levels 1 and 2 (Operation Mobilisation, Belgium)

  • Has been running for several years her own Christian counseling practice which is linked to the CPC (Centrum voor Pasorale Counseling)