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News in Brief – March 2020

Camp Limauges

Who has never been to camp in Limauges? Many of us came to know the Lord Jesus there. But a lot has changed. The buildings have been renovated and have undergone a transformation, but also the legislation has changed to such an extent that it was necessary to bring in an expert.

We found such an expert in the Bettelt group. They work in the Netherlands but were on the verge of internationalisation when we knocked on their door. We found that they were willing to take over the operation of the camp. It is important that in our partnership, the operation of the camp still comes first, while the business (and the legalities) are not forgotten. Be sure to take a look at the new website of Betteld Limauges!

Pray for our VIANOVA workers

William & Lyssa Bode moved from Genk to Sint-Stevens-Woluwe (Brussels). They have been appointed to coordinate the reorganisation within Het Goede Boek and Le Bon Livre. Pray for wisdom and strength. Pray that they may quickly feel at home and that they may find courage and strength to learn French.

Jochem & Febe Beunckens are a young couple who signed up to work at Het Goede Boek in Genk. They are currently in the process of building up their team of financial supporters. Pray that they may experience God’s guidance and encouragement in this.

Jonathan & Sarah Weber have completed their ministry in Zoutleeuw and are currently in the preparation phase to start a new VIANOVA project in Sint-Truiden. Pray for peace, pray that doors will be opened and that they may hear God’s voice.

Jonathan Kerckhof is a wonderful young man who has been working at Le Bon Livre in Brussels since September 2019. We welcome him as a new VIANOVA worker and pray for God’s blessing and guidance!

Hilde Deleebeeck has completed her ministry in Brakel and has moved to Heusden-Zolder. Together with Reiner & Angela Jursch and a local team she wants to make a difference in Heusden-Zolder. She wants to be part of the village and reflect Jesus in the place where she lives. Will you pray that Jesus will be seen and that people will come into contact with Him?

Drienie Lombard – Baie Dankie!

Drienie came to Belgium from South Africa in 1998, after a clear call from the Lord to share the Gospel in our country. She supported congregations in evangelism activities and coordinated the South African teams that came to our country. Drienie also coordinated the Bible-Expo for many years and in 2001 began a study on how the BEM could reach the Moroccan population in Belgium. This ministry grew and soon Drienie focused on all people from an Islamic background. She taught believers about evangelism among Muslims and in 2010 she founded De Brug/Al Jeser, a meeting place around culture and faith.

After 22 years of working in Belgium, Drienie returned to her homeland at the age of 74. “God provided, opened doors and gave a vision for a new ministry in South Africa. I continue with His mission: to share the Gospel and encourage people to grow in the Lord. But first I will take a moment to catch my breath and reintegrate into South Africa,” said Drienie.