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News In Brief – September 2019

News in brief – September 2019

New trainees 

Rebekah is 21 and is a student at St. Andrew University in Scotland. As part of her studies, she needs to spend a minimum of 7 months in a French-speaking country. She has chosen to come to Wallonia for placement with VIANOVA.  Blake is 24 and comes from the United States. He is joining VIANOVA for at least two years. We are very happy to welcome our new trainees and all the riches they bring us.  Read more on page 10. 

One small step for man…. 

July 1969, Neil Armstrong, setting foot on the moon for the first time, said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!” Fifty years later, it is the Creator of the Universe Himself Who comes to place His footprint in the centre of the smallest of our towns, one more giant leap for the Kingdom of God!  

This summer, the new programme of Boost*, “To infinity” introduced children to the One Who knows all the stars and gives each of them a name. By our faithful ‘small steps’ over several years in Ganshoren, Herstal and Gembloux but also in our investment in various groups in the town, the League of Families, the Intergenerational House, the Red Cross… our firm footing  in the town has allowed us to live out and to share our faith freely. In Gembloux, we have even received a subsidy from the council to cover the cost of our activities. Nothing is too difficult for the Creator!  

*our Children’s Department