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4 Core Values to Live Community

VIANOVA is a passionate movement of disciples making disciples and communities embodying and sharing God's love in all areas of life.

In our communities, we believe that God's love is lived out daily. Therefore we encourage everyone to listen to the Holy Spirit in prayer and contemplation, to explore the Bible and to share their experiences with others.

We believe that spiritual journey is an ongoing process, unique to each individual. It begins with an encounter with Jesus, in which a person chooses to follow him and be transformed into His image. With the support of the community, we are called to continue this process of transformation, both in our character and in our actions.

In our communities, the participation of all is essential. We strive to serve each other in a collaborative and reciprocal way. Discussions are open, and anyone can ask sincere questions and share their opinion without judgement.

We believe that God's love should extend to all. Each member of our community intentionally and authentically lives out their dentity as a disciple, not only within the community, but also outside of it. We seek to reflect of God's love in our daily lives, integrating into society to serve the people we meet and to seek their good.

Our four core values are community, journey, participation, integration.


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