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Shaping disciples along the Way

Sue Tops

Many years ago, Willy and I came to Belgium with 2 little boys to do Bible Studies and start churches in his home country. It sounded glamorous…but after a few months it didn’t seem to be what I thought it would be! It was very frustrating most of the time – my in-laws did not accept us because of our relationship with Christ – the people on the streets seemed very cold and unhappy – I was not use to sending my little 3-year-old to school….he was too young in my eyes!!! But as life went on, I gradually came to love it here and was thankful for all that God taught me.

And now, years later, as God has led us down many different paths, I see more clearly what He has in store for my life. Because hospitality is something I love, we have an open door policy in our home. We’re so thankful for the community where He has placed us – in a chalet park of about 300 chalets, where many people live full time. We are attempting to be a light here by showing who we are and what we have, with our neighbours. One of our neighbour ladies has been doing Bible studies for about 6 months and, after surrending her life to Christ, she was baptised here in our yard, in an inflatable swimming pool!

Since Willy worked in prison for 30 years, we continue to have lots of contact with ex-prisoners and their families….and again, hospitality plays an important part of these gatherings! It’s exciting to see how God continues to work in them!

And then there’s our kids and 6 precious grandkids, all of whom live close to us!! We pray so fervently that they too will have a life-changing experience with Christ. As a grammy, my heart and prayers are with them many times a day!

So we go forward in our elderly years and appreciate the love and peace He gives us as we share our goal of “reaching the lost for Christ.” As we keep our focus on Him, He is preparing hearts to experience His Love!!! He is our Stronghold and for this we praise Him!


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