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Q&A – December 2019

Q&A – December 2019

Why is the BEM now called VIANOVA?

  • We noticed that the name ‘Belgian Evangelical Mission’ carried little meaning for unbelievers and that the word ‘Mission’ sometimes scared them away, yet this was the very group we were trying to reach.
  • In the past, the name of an organisation conveyed what it stood for. Today its name needs to be ‘catchy’ and simple, a ‘hook’ that’s easy to remember.
  • BEM, BEZ or MEB? The name of our organisation was different in every language. That was not ideal in a country with three official languages. VIANOVA is the same in every language.
  • A completely new vision and a new start require a new name.

How are you putting the new vision into practice?

We believe that in today’s society it is very powerful to reflect Jesus in local communities. By local we mean both the area in which you live and the different groups with which you come into contact (students, motorcycle riders, teenage mothers, parents’ associations, etc.).

In concrete terms, VIANOVA wants to encourage people to reflect Jesus and form communities at a local level. In our country, Belgium, there are already a few projects and communities where people are working with this vision: Gembloux, Hannut, Asse, Heusden-Zolder & Motto-Connection. The latter is a community of motorcyclists. We see a number of people longing to form local communities. VIANOVA wants to support and help those who want to form a local community.

Do you have questions for us, or comments? Is there something you are not clear about or would you like to send us a compliment? Whether you have a simple question or something more difficult to ask about the new vision, the new strategy, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]. Each time, we will include a selection of your reactions together with our answers. We will be writing this section with you!