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Q&A – June 2020

Q&A – June 2020

How do you integrate in times of corona? How can you really be together?

All four of our core values are strongly linked to interaction and contact with others. We integrate with others, we form community with others, we participate with others and we journey with others.

Despite the limitations to coming together physically, there are many great initiatives within VIANOVA that link directly with our core values. We may be able to use many of the things we are learning now. God turns everything for the better!

In the last article of this RALPH, “Locked down but not inactive“, we let some VIANOVA workers have their say. They give a brief story about their own corona initiatives.

Integration? Doesn’t the Bible warn against the dangers of the world?

One of our core values is integration. At VIANOVA, we consciously choose to integrate into the world around us and reflect Jesus there. Our focus is not on “luring” people to church but we want to bring the gospel to people where they are in a way that reflects their own culture and world. In that place we want to shape disciples and connect them in new communities.
Kurt Maeyens, HR director: “For years I had been led by a lie. I was frightened of the sinful world and its desires and I believed that I should stay as far away from this as possible. One day it became clear that I don’t need to be afraid of the world because there is someone in me who is much stronger than this world. The Bible says in 1 John 4:4, ‘He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.’ I confessed then that I missed many opportunities by isolating myself from the world. I rejected the lie. The attraction of the world is no greater than the attraction of God who lives in me!

“God wants to use us to reflect Jesus on the spot, in the neighbourhood, on the street where we live. This is God’s purpose for our lives: to reflect Jesus in a world that is lost! We must dare to ask ourselves whether our fear of the world is sometimes greater than our love for Christ and for our fellow man. We are not of this world, but like Jesus, we live in this world and are called to be salt and light.”

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