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Q&A – March 2020

Q&A – March 2020

What does mean it to ‘journey’ with people together?

After people have accepted the sacrifice of Jesus, a journey of discipleship and sanctification follows that goes on for the rest of their life. The story does not end with conversion. When we have passed through the narrow gate, we have not yet reached our final destination. The narrow gate is followed by a narrow road. We must keep moving and travel further on the narrow road (Matthew 7:13-14).

No matter at what point on the road someone is, we are all on the road together and we help each other to follow Jesus. We also want to take those who have not yet entered the gate with us on our journey so that more and more of ‘Jesus’ can be seen in their lives. Our focus is no longer on a moment of conversion but on the journey towards Jesus.

Is the new vision only for missionaries? How can I be involved?

VIANOVA wants to stimulate and encourage people who have a desire to start communities. We want to bring together people who long to make disciples where they are. Our new vision is not just for missionaries, but for everyone who feels called and supports this vision.

Do you want to reflect Jesus at work, in your neighbourhood, in your swim club …? Do you want to make disciples of Jesus and bring them together in communities? Then please contact us! We look forward to exploring together how we can help each other. [email protected]