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A Resource Center For Missions In Our Own Country

A resource center for missions in our own country

If you want to sell a product, you must have a good one; a poor product won’t sell. But you can also have a great product that doesn’t sell. This can be for several reasons: people don’t know your product, the way you try to sell your product doesn’t catch on, your product is known but it is considered old-fashioned, or maybe the instructions for use are so old that people can’t follow them.

To sell your product, research needs to be done. What is the best way to tell your story today? What keeps people occupied today? What can the past teach us? What can I do with new ideas? What would happen if we had more time to share our ideas?

Although we as VIANOVA set out on a clear path, we realise that we must constantly learn, research, experiment and innovate. We came to realise that we need a place where people come to learn, to research, to try new ideas, brainstorm, or just to quiet down and pray.

That’s why we created a place in the VIANOVA Center where people can meet or where we can get quiet. In addition, we provide a conference room, with a capacity of approximately 75 people, where stories and lessons learned can be presented. We will build an extensive library and provide a place for people to study.

We hope to provide training that encourages people to step out effectively to be like Christ to those around them. We hope to creatively develop resources that people can purchase and use as a means to integrate better with people.

Our main motivation? The best news all across the ages: Jesus who came to the world to open the way to the Father, who taught us how to live. We want to share this with the people around us, because it is just as relevant today as it was 2,000 years ago. What is your approach to sharing this news?

When the COVID-19 measures allow, we will plan a date to officially open the resource center. More information will follow.