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Short News – June 2020

Internship and corona

Samuel (20) & Manasse (22) are two ETF students who have been doing internships with VIANOVA for several weeks. Samuel’s duties largely consist of supporting Hannut’s community and integrating into society. Manasse supports the new VIANOVA project in Sint-Truiden and assists in the general operation of VIANOVA as an organization.

Because of the corona measures, their internship took a strange turn and our interns are now unable to perform many tasks. “It is a pity that our internship is progressing in this way, but the corona time also offers many opportunities. Everything is a lot quieter, we have extra time to reflect, and we are encouraged to start new initiatives. Together with Samuel and another friend, we started a virtual prayer group. We come together every working day to pray,” said Manasse.

Samuel took the initiative to integrate into his own environment. He wrote letters and cards to the neighbors and asked them if he could help with anything. “I really enjoy thinking about how I can be useful today and what new initiatives could be an added value to others,” said Samuel. Samuel created the virtual VIANOVA coffee moment. Together with all VIANOVA workers, we now meet weekly and have a nice chat.

Pieter Jan & Febe

Pieterjan & Febe B. have longed to start a Christian community for several years. “When VIANOVA came out with its new vision, we noticed that this vision was very similar to ours. Because we think it is important to be part of a team, we then contacted VIANOVA. After a few exchanges, we decided to work together,” say Pieterjan & Febe. Pieterjan & Febe have been new VIANOVA workers officially since the beginning of May.

The young couple moved from Brussels to Tielt last summer for a special reason: “After studying the ecclesiastical map of Flanders, we noticed that there are ‘empty spots’ in certain regions. Because Tielt is in the middle of one of these ‘empty spots’, it seemed the ideal place to live and start a Christian community.” Febe works in the personnel department of the city of Tielt, and Pieterjan is a PEGO teacher in secondary education.

“There are some Christians living in Tielt, but because of the COVID-19 situation we had to cancel our first meeting. Since we do not yet know these people, it is very difficult to build our relationship online. We hope that everything will be over soon so that we can get to know our city and its people better,” say Pieterjan & Febe.


Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Expressé was closed but will finally reopen on 10 June. We’ve been praying for all relationships that we had established. We’ve kept in touch with some customers and have made new contacts in other ways during the lockdown, but we especially want to find all our customers, because they are very precious to us. Please pray that God will give us an extra full-time worker and a few more volunteers. And please do not hesitate to support Expressé financially, because with your donations, we can pay off the mortgage.

La Courte Echelle

The monthly children’s clubs have been cancelled until the end of June, but the work in La Courte Echelle (‘Boost’) continues. During the lockdown, the team took the time to review all of the files and even update one to a more contemporary style. Since there is a good chance that we will not be able to get started this summer in July, we hope that we can offer our beautiful adventures to the children in the month of August; we will find a way. Pray that the cancellations will not affect relationships with the children and their families.