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Our passion is to make disciples of Jesus at the heart of our society and to gather them together in communities centred on Jesus, but which also reflect their own contexts. The connections within each context will, of course, determine what each individual community looks like, whether that is as local, tribal or inclusive Communities. We would love to see a thriving movement of Communities which grow and multiply into an immense eco-system of Communities which covers this country and beyond

Local Communities

By integrating into the world, we can shape more disciples of Jesus. Each Community at VIANOVA gathers together men and women, single or in families, of all ages, origins and social status within in their own socio-cultural context. The life of a local Community reflects its social and cultural identity. People within those Communities live together in order to better engage in community family life and in the social and cultural life of their society.

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Our inclusive Communities are established at the heart of society in order to provide a space for meaningful and authentic encounters, an open access to Jesus through real relationship, a space to experience the love of God, a foretaste of His grace. These encounters fashion disciples of Jesus and encourage them to come together to journey together.

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Tribal Communities

These close-knit Communities bring together disciples of Jesus or faith seekers who already feel part of a specific community, or an existing cultural or social group, centred around a particular passion or commitment or a common objective. The life of a Community for example reflects the social connection which unites them: motorcyclists, students, retired, businessmen and businesswomen,…

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VIANOVA serves the Gospel well beyond its own Communities. We want to help all those who want to respond to the call of the Lord, to go to those who are seeking Him in order to bring them the Good News about Jesus. Our support ministries develop and provide churches and Christian groups with various resources and framework for a relevant Gospel.

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After a period of reflection which lead to a profound re-assessment and a completely new vision, VIANOVA is now opening a new department of Research and Development. AGORA is at the crossroads of reflections and experiences, a place to pursue a growing reformation. AGORA is defined by three objectives: reflection, resources and training.


At AGORA we listen attentively to what God is doing in the West, in the church and in society. AGORA offers a platform from which to meet and share with one another in order to carry on innovating and to communicate it.

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AGORA brings together available resources, into new products, in order to make them available and to encourage reflection of and innovation into the Gospel in the Western World. Our Johan Lukasse Resource Centre brings together a specialised library, a blog, articles, editions, online resources and much more.

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AGORA runs a series of training programmes which aim to train disciples and to encourage the development of Communities in the Western World. We also take part in the training programmes led by our partners in the work of the Gospel.

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Ever since Paul’s very first journeys, missionary work has always been about teamwork. Those who go and those who stay; those who speak and those who serve; those who pray and those who do, every one of them is undertaking God’s work, and is part of the family. What a privilege it is to be able to serve the Lord, to work in His fields and to gather His harvest. Everyone has a part to play.

VIANOVA’s mission will only be realised if we work as a team and there is a place for everyone. We reply on our participants who go out into the local society, on administrative staff, our partners who pray for us and all the others who support our projects or members of our community.