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Turning the Page

Eric Zander

There are pages that we would like to turn as soon as possible because they are painful to read, like this chapter of Covid that complicates our life and puts our Communities to a severe test. We can't wait to turn the page, to write new stories, like the dream of implanting a new Community of Jesus' disciples in Tielt, or of Amélie who has just moved to Gembloux for an internship finally being able to integrate into the city’s activities.

There are heavier pages to turn, but life goes on, and even a beautiful chapter eventually comes to an end. We have reached the end of the paper pages for our regular updates, the next chapters will be written on your screens with a few letters and many pictures. And yes, you hold in your hand the last RALPH!

For our entire mission, the pages don’t stop turning. The chapter Belgian Evangelical Mission has left a place for the new chapter VIANOVA. More than a new name, it’s a renewed approach to our ministry for the Kingdom of God. Our headquarters have moved, most of our churches have become autonomous, only Communities in the making remain, the staff is renewed, our communication is taking new shape already…and the new chapter gives a glimpse of exciting adventures.

With Paul, we want to enter fully into this renewed life, “forgetting what lies behind and pressing on to what is ahead”[1], in order to pursue this call that God has entrusted to us: to live and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, to fashion disciples into His image, and to bring them together in vibrant and integrated Communities all over our country.

Thank you for accompanying us in this commitment to God’s Kingdom, and for turning the page and writing this new story with us.

[1] Philippians 3:13


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