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We gather to get to know each other better


Our team is made up of disciples of Jesus who invest their time in implementing the VIANOVA vision (disciple - engage - gather).

Our staff on the field are busy reflecting Christ in locally integrated communities throughout Belgium. Our administrative and strategic personel work from our offices in Zaventem (Brussels).


To build a strong team despite geographical distance and daily obligations, VIANOVA regularly organises Family Days, which are convivial and fraternal moments that bring together all our staff, like 'a family'. Click on the videos below for a glimpse of our Family Days.

Want to join our team?

VIANOVA is a dynamic movement whose vision is to incarnate the love of Jesus in the heart of our society. You don't need a degree to join our team, come as you are! 

Join our staff or our team of volunteers, promote our resources, our trainings or our personalised coaching, let's work together to set up the project that God has put on your heart, or become one of our partners.

Everybody is welcome and we prove it to you!

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