Les mains en l'air


I want to help VIANOVA a few hours a week,
what can I do?

Service Name

Video Maker / Editor

We are looking for people gifted in making and editing videos for our promotion content. 


A position of part-time coordinator for the video department is open.

Service Name

Hospitality / Reception

Be part of the welcome team at the


Service Name

Translator / Interpreter

We are looking for native speakers able to translate and/or interpret from Dutch to French and from French to Dutch.

Translation or consecutive interpretation. 

Service Name

Maintenance VN Center

Welcome to anyone gifted with a broom or a screwdriver!

Service Name

Secretarial Work

We are looking for volunteers ready to take on a few administrative tasks at the VIANOVA Center.

Various tasks.

Don't hesitate to specify your strenghts.

Service Name

More ideas?

You'd like to

give us a hand

in doing  something else.

Join Our Team

Thank you. We hope to have you join the movement in no time!