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A perpetual movement in 3 steps

At VIANOVA, we believe that God calls us to seek him and to journey towards him throughout our lives. This perpetual movement can be summed up in three steps, which find their place in a never-ending circle.


Engaging is showing the love of Jesus in our actions. We intentionally live out our identity as disciples of Jesus and rely on him as we serve and journey with our contemporaries. Instead of looking up to heaven hoping for a better future, we integrate, alone or as a community, into our social environment to manifest God's love through acts of kindness.

♦ DISCIPLE The long journey of discipleship begins in the world, where God challenges and prepares a person to encounter Jesus. In the course of our lives, outside the walls of our church, we meet people and build friendships. We accompany, on their own journey, friends who might be intrigued by our behaviour and beliefs and we learn to be daily transformed by God's Spirit.


The gathering of God's followers, whether young or experienced disciples, is the best way to acquire spiritual maturity. Together we can test our characters and learn to submit our desires to Christ. To maintain its dynamic character, the community brings together a local population and encourages every one of them to integrate local socio-cultural initiatives.


The VIANOVA communities operate on 3 levels: intimate (small groups of 3 people); private (home groups of about 12 people) and public (up to about 40 people to maximise the participation of everyone and avoid splitting into sub-groups). Each level allows Jesus' followers to journey at their own pace.


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