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Testimonies - Reflecting Jezus

Christel, Drienie, Reiner and Angela… and so many others. Ralph has been meeting some of these brothers and sisters who are “shining out” the light of Jesus close to where they live. So it’s over to them to answer the following question:

How do you reflect Jesus on a daily basis by getting involved in something in your neighbourhood ?

André, Arlon - “I’ve been an active member of the Arlon ‘House of Culture’ for years now. This gives me the opportunity of getting to know my neighbour in the entertainment world, of discovering what people enjoy and, of course, of exchanging ideas. I’m often surprised.”

Sarah, Ganshoren - “We’re ambassadors for Christ. Everything I do on a daily basis, I do in the name of Jesus and for Jesus: For example, talking and doing crafts with children traumatised by war, giving a hug to a mother who’s weeping for her sick daughter, accompanying my friend to hospital when she’s afraid of going there alone. “Whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers, you did it for Me.”

Paul, Soignies - “I’m retired and I hate doing nothing. For the last few weeks I’ve been working with a local organisation helping youngsters who have problems with their schooling, and I’m also part of a local welfare service. In addition I’ve joined the list of volunteers at the nearest hospital.”

Stephen, Philippeville - “I’m one of the ‘Clean up’ ambassadors for our area, which I consider a simple way of serving the borough and finding opportunities to talk to people. For the last three years the Philippeville church has also participated in the ‘Big spring-cleaning weekends’ initiated by For a cleaner Wallonia.”

Catherine and Anne, Ganshoren - “For several years we’ve been involved in the local group of the ‘League of families’ which means we can love and serve the families in our borough ( through boot sales, or conferences….) This partnership also means that we’re given permission to use a local park for our annual week of children’s evangelism.”

Evert, Kortrijk - “As board games enthusiasts, my wife and I belong to two local clubs and benefit from the use of an internet site where people can organise board game evenings at home. In this way we’ve been able to create a network. We hope, at the same time, to be able to show His love to those we meet in this way.”

Kim, Kortrijk - “We do our best to be good neighbours locally. On a regular basis, we pick up rubbish in the street. We do have a garden, but we sometimes choose to play with our children in front of the house so we can get to know those around better.”

Dries, Aalst - “For the last few years, I’ve been organising football matches, and today our group includes non-Christians as well as church people. This is not evangelism as such, but the non-Christians can see that we’re not totally disconnected with their world.”

Thomas and Lente, Dendermonde - “ When we moved house recently, my wife and I received a welcome package from the local Population Department. It contained a great deal of info about the town. This included a book describing a very interesting project – inviting people to share their talents with others. We signed up that very evening! “

Karl, Eupen - “In the local paper, I read that a local choir was looking for more members. I’m a musician and I love to sing. As I want to meet new people in our region, I signed up. I can’t wait for my first concert.”

Davy and Vanessa, Leuven - “We want our family to shine out where we live. For us, it’s important that our home is a place where our children’s friends feel welcome when they come to play, and where all the local children can come.”


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