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VIANOVA has comprised a perpetual movement: incarnating Love within our society by loving those around us, and coming alongside those who are in search of God; shaping into the image of Christ those who want to be his disciples; gathering these disciples in communities emanating the love of Jesus, to the point of endlessly repeating this cycle of incarnating-shaping-gathering 


We do not want to carry this movement alone, holding others at arm's length. This call of love must be amplified in the midst of a society that is looking for answers anywhere it can find them. Do you want to walk hand in hand with us? Do you want to accompany us in the encounter with the Other? 


We need prayer partners, who show an interest in each of our collaborators and their projects, and then talk to the Father about them. We need financial partners, who choose to support one initiative or another. We need service partners, who join us in the field or who send us “workers”, i.e., individuals or organizations with whom we can collaborate, exchange resources, and who promote our organization and its goals within their respective networks. 


Together, let’s join the movement of love that God has set in motion! 

Thank you for sending this message! 

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