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FULL TANK | Unveiling Jesus

There is a thirst for justice, for kindness, for love which is expressed in the many outbursts of solidarity, mutual aid, dedication that light up the darkness of the world. The disciples of Jesus, who have fully welcomed the new life in Christ, who are in the process of restoring this original image of God, should participate all the more in these movements.

By serving at the heart of the world in order, there, to reflect Jesus, the perfect expression of the image of God, his disciples will bring this source of resonance closer to their contemporaries. Without even speaking, kindness and love towards disinterested people will produce reactions around them which will reflect either research or rebellion.

We cannot stress enough the importance of investing in personal relationships, of INTEGRATION into the life of others. Jesus insists: "Stay in this house" and "do not go from house to house" (v.7). This is how we can activate the resonance and find "the person of peace", before revealing the message of Jesus. God is at work around us, He is going in search of the lost. There are many who respond "secretly" to his calls, from the "men of peace", the "many people” who already belong to the Lord (Acts 18:10) to the people like Zacchaeus who are seeking Jesus (Luke 19:3).

(excerpt from 'Church Without Walls' by Eric Zander - soon to be published in English)


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